Day of rescue: 25/06/2021

Initial conditions:
The reporter found Yen on Yen Bai street at about 9:30pm. Yen was hit by a vehicle and had 2 broken legs, no one in the neighborhood claimed to be her owner, and the reporter’s house didn’t allow pets so (s)he asked for our support.  
X-ray results at that time: 

  • Yen had a total of 3 broken legs (1 foreleg and 2 hind legs). The conditions were so bad that an operation for 2 legs was required, the rest could be cured from outside like casting in plaster or compression. 
  • Broken left femur: severely broken and the bone was displaced much compared to the original position, if it was not operated, she could not walk with that leg anymore. This was the most severely broken leg and the operation for it was hard, but there were still chances of success, and the chances of recovery after the operation was 40%.
  • Broken right hand bone: broken in bevel angle and displaced bone (a surgery was indicated for this).
  • Broken right shank bone (didn’t need surgery). 

05 days after being rescued, Yen was operated successfully.

Current conditions:
Yen’ health after the surgery is very good, she is active, she likes to run and jump around and lie on high places… At the age of 04 months old, Yen has been adopted. 


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