Among 48 Articles of the Decree, Article 29 regulating animals husbandry and humane treatment on animals states that mass slaughterhouses can be fined from 3-5 million VND if they infringe one of the following:


- Hygienic cage is not provided for animals before slaughter

- Animals are beaten before slaughter

- Pre-slaughter anesthesia is not used


Our group particularly cares about this progression. Why? In Vietnam, once animals are considered food, their rights are a luxury that they can't afford. Animal rights protection in Vietnam has shown a lot of remarkable changes. Besides, there are more animal rescue groups and associations established as well as seminars about animals organised regularly. The younger generation is taking part more and more in animal protection activities. This decree being passed is encouraging to individuals and organisations who are working tirelessly to protect the rights of animals.


Another noticeable point is that domesticated animal cruelty including cats and dogs is subject to up to 3 million VND fines. The punishment will be doubled for organisations. This, although is a light fine, shows a big step forward to the protection of animals' welfare in the long term.


Cat and dog are to be loved not to be suffered from cruelty, violence, and slaughter.


Source: vanban.chinhphu.vn


Minh Châu


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