Every case that we are in charge of must respect the following requirements
  • 1.We won't rescue the animals that a specific individual/organization owns. In urgent cases, when the owners agree to transfer the animals's ownership to our group, it means from that moment, we will have the right to decide everything relating to the kids, including vaccinating, fixing, and finding a new home for them.
  • 2.For unhealthy newborn kids, we will try our best to support you and help them a better life. However, suppose they are too weak to recover from the illness; in that case, we are exempt from responsibility.
  • 3.We have the right to find a new owner for any fur friend we rescue with an irrevocable rule: GET THEM VACCINATED - SPAY/NEUTER THEM - KEEP THEM INDOOR.
  • 4.For lost dogs/cats we rescue, we will fix them in any case. However, if their owners want to take them back, they must agree on these rules: GET THEM VACCINATED -SPAY/NEUTER THEM-KEEP THEM INDOOR.
  • 5.If the informer wants to know the health situations of the kids, please DM us via this Facebook page. We will not share the volunteer's/the foster parent's personal contact information to protect their privacy.
  • 6.

    Our Group has limited abilities, so all that can be done is within these simple but inviolable rules.

In cases that are out of our ability, although it is very painful to not be able to save the children, we refuse to support them to avoid problems that can harm other dogs and cats under our care.

Once again, thank you to everyone who still believes in and supports Danang Animal Rescue Group.