Eating half of an apple still is eating an apple. But can half of the kindness be called kindness? Not figuratively, the rate of the informant chose to leave before our volunteers come accounts for 98%. We always try to reply to messages as soon as possible and ask the informant to help to the best of their ability. Sometimes we can’t arrive at the scene immediately as there’re so many cases to handle, yet so few volunteers to be free and available.


We hope that when you find animals in need, please try to do something for them first. If there’s nothing you can do, then contact us right away. But don’t leave just yet; stay there until we show up. We understand that you have work to do, places to go... However, it is said that: ”If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” If the animals get drenched by the rain or shiver in the cold, please try to move them to a temporary shelter, find something to dry them off or to cover their body. Don’t just use a thin face mask—is it really useful?



Many people can recover from strokes if they can get help within the first hour, called the “ Golden hour” by medical professionals; it can make all the difference in the world. Animals also have their golden hour. Cats and dogs, in many cases, can get to survive with timely reports and aid. However, there are still some inevitable situations that we cannot save them despite our all-out efforts.

Going to great lengths to help animals is not just to increase the viability of that one only, but it might also create a butterfly effect—more animals will be saved and be happier. And then no one will be left behind... Some people mistake this half-hearted assistance as kindness, or they probably convince themselves that it is just to put their minds at ease. Can you call it “kindness” as someone who does not abuse their pets but would do nothing when witnessing animal cruelty acts?

The real kindness is all about real ACTION. You act so that the one receiving your help can get better. Don’t just notify us, then leave as if you have achieved your “mission,” while the furry friends might face other dangers before we can get to them.


YOU - the informants - have always played an essential part for us to be able to save more lives. Therefore, we hope that you can continue contributing your time and effort in our journey of rescuing.

Let’s give our four-legged kiddos the chance to find themselves cozy, loving homes.

P/S: The baby in the photo is Dâu (#CODE20C068) - this is a good example of the informants’ dedication.

Maruko Chan


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